About the Production company:

Shri Maruddhara films is a private limited company registered in MCA. This is their debut project in feature film space, while they have already released a 17 mins experimental short film Gulli Danda and several music & video albums. Their current working location office is setup in Jodhpur till the project's duration.
The vision of the production company is to produce visionary,lateral approach; high concept international level films that can show case the Indian Cinema in a greater lime light internationally. The production company already has 7 scripts underway. They have plans to open multiple divisions in the arena of Films, Television serials, Audio etc.

Vission of Production company:

Get Oscar to India, On Most number of Nominations in Oscar Foreign category: Since 1955 , 39 French and 29 Italian films got nominated. Out of these nominations both countries won 12 times each. In these 57 years, India got only 4 nominations and won ZERO. In the world Cinema, Top is USA, followed by UK, Germany, Japan, China (Hong Kong), Italy, Spain, Sweden, Russia and even Israel. Sorry India was not even considered as a big film making country and industry until 2010. So how do you expect its name in the list above? Bollywood goes for stars, not for great script. On Script and screenplay: Nothing is written but re-written several times. Good is not good enough, you need a great script. In last 10 years, Ireland, Germany, UK, Denmark got 6 nominations in Short Live action category, while India got only 1. No Short from India has ever won. Thanks to the Worst Film Makers of India [WFMI].

Kalyan seeravi

Kalyan Seervi has got excellent skills in directing and writing screenplay. He has taken training from Syd Field and Michael Hague classes.Kalyan seeravi say's Direction is not a technique, it's an art, inside the imagination, executed for the screen using the techniques.

Suraj Bishnoi

Suraj Bishnoi is director & producer of Shri Maruddhara Films Pvt Ltd.Suraj Bishnoi & Kalyan seeravi both are Partner of Shri Maruddhara Films Pvt Ltd.Suraj Bishnoi has deep experience in film line.He worked in so many serials,stage play. He has an Shri Maruddhara audio company. SAKKO-363 concept researched by Suraj Bishnoi.

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